by Teen Seizure

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Ce premier 15 minutes de Teen Seizure a été enregistré et mixé par Jean-Philippe Roy (Le Nombre, Les Secrétaires Volantes) au cours de l'été 2013. L'enregistrement des instruments a eu lieu le 23 juin à La Boîte à Musique et les voix ont ensuite été enregistrées le 28 juillet. Musique composée par le groupe, paroles écrites par Charles Laplante.


This first 15 minutes slab of Teen Seizure was recorded and mixed by Jean-Philippe Roy (Le Nombre, Les Secrétaires Volantes) during the summer of 2013. Guitar, drums and bass were recorded at La Boîte à Musique on june 23rd and the vocals were subsequently recorded on july 28th. Music composed by the band, Lyrics written by Charles Laplante. Enjoy!


released September 2, 2013

Pascal Savard joue de la guitare
Perceval Barry joue de la batterie
Charles Laplante joue de la basse et chante

Jean-Philippe Roy ajoute des guitares des fois.

Teen Seizure dit Thank you à:
Jean-Philippe Roy, Mathieu Girard, Marguerite-Anne Barry, Emily Pomme, Jean-Claude Savard, Gab Tittley, Pepito Tremblay, François Bramucci, Mathieu Blackburn, Richard Boivin, Les Deuxluxes, Lucy Loves Lenin, Half-Baked, Mardi Noir, Les Zerreurs, Girlfriends and Boyfriends, Phoenix Thunderbird, Télégraphe Jungle, Femme Accident et Phil Console...Ah pis Duchess Says et Solids aussi. Juste parce qu'on est fans.



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Teen Seizure Montreal, Québec

Grunge foursome from Montreal. Music that can't be sold. shirts can be sold, though. See the band live. Buy one. Represent the unrepresentable.

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Track Name: Julius Seizure
I can't fix my brain anymore
I can't hide my age no more
This was my last shot and I failed
I can't quite go back
We'll now you know

I won't stop til I get it

And it aches as I break
All the time
I'll get back at you all someday
This is my last call for help
Let's not make it a call for blood

I won't stop til I get it

I can't freeze my frames anymore
I can't dance all night no more
This is my last call for love
Let's not make it a call for blood

Track Name: Worst Case
The horror, it's still here
In my soul, underneath
In your eyes, I'm fadin'
I wanna know why you're gone

And who's gonna pay for my ride?
I don't know!
Who's gonna dry the mudslide?
I know it ain't you
Who's gonna pay for my ride?
I don't know

And I never will. NO!

I can't stand you movin' on
Whoring out with everyone
Stranded on the open road
Thirsty and all alone

(repeat all except first verse)

I don't know the way home
Since you left I wander
Cause in your eyes, I'm fading...Still
I wanna know why you're gone.

(repeat whole middle part ad nauseam...)
Track Name: Cancer
Pray is all we ever did
To what? We know there is no god
Death is all you've ever seen
It's gone and it's never coming back

Do you miss me like I miss you?

Right now, I can feel you in this room
At peace, unlike the rest of us
Will this anger ever end?
In fact, I just really want to know

Do you miss me like I miss you?

Years have passed and I am old
One day I'll even be older than you
The one truth that I will keep in mind
is I know I'm never all alone
Track Name: Morning After
Half dead and naked on your bedroom floor
Guess I wanted to feel a little something more
Right now I'm so high and so in love with you
Might be back for your throat real soon just so you know

It's only a matter of who you are
and it's just a question of what you really want
and what you think you're worth (x2)

Last night we were so fucking out of space and time
Beaten out and broken and bleeding...Angst
Is it just a dream or is it happening for real
Can't say, I missed out, I'm not here at all.

Repeat chorus...twice (and there is a solo between the two)